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    Speaking Task 1:
    * Where do you live in House or Apartment?
    * What type of house do you want in future?
    * What do you think about being polite?
    *Who was the first person to teach you about politeness?
    * How it can help you to being a polite?
    Speaking Part 2: Cue Card
    Had to Speak about cake
    * What type of cake that was?
    *what was the occasion and who was with you family or friends?
    * How did you felt about it?
    Actual question may bit different but it was same another way round.
    Speaking part 3:
    Most of the question about food
    *What type of foods people do prepare at different occasions?
    * What do you think about people eating food outside? Why ?
    *Do you think families eat should eat together?Is this possible nowadays?
    *Do people still cook food at home in your country?
    *Do you think there is any difference of preparing food on some other celebrations and religious occasions?

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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