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    Part 1
    Where you live now?
    How long have you been living here?
    Is Moscow good place for living?
    Do you prefer music?
    Did you listen music more before?
    You prefer buying CD’s or download music?
    How music is changed?
    How much hours is enough to sleep for you?
    What does you need for having a good dream? (Or what is need for you to feel good after sleep?) something like that
    How do you think is it a good idea to sleep in the daytime?
    Part 2.
    Describe a device (not laptop) that you use often
    -what is it?
    -how often you use it?
    -for what you use it
    and why you like it
    Part 3
    What are the most popular devices in you country?
    Is it make life easier?
    Who should learn people how to use devices, especially elderly people?
    Have the devices been simpler before?
    Is technology give people more leisure time and creates new work places? (It was very strange question because includes two parts)
    How do you think will technology allow people not working in future?

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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