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    Part 1
    Started with few questions like name and what you do
    Where do you stay in this town and compare your place with the current test area
    Describe the area where you stay
    What do you like in this place
    What kind of people do you meet
    Do you want to stay here and recommend it to others
    Where do your friends live ….
    Part 2
    Name a place in your area which you like
    – Why do you like this place
    – when did you go to this place
    – who did you go with
    Part 3
    What is good for kids – Reading books Vs Spending time with friends
    Why should kids be encouraged to read
    Spending time with family Vs time with friends. Which is better.
    Where do people in your area spend their time

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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