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    Part 1: do you live in an apartment or house?
    Why do you live in a flat?
    Do you think you will move in the future?
    When you were a child did you try eating other cuisines from other countries?
    Did you ever try tasting other cuisines now? Why?
    Do you use maps?
    When did you learn to use maps?
    What do you prefer electronic or paper maps?
    Did you ever try asking other people for directions?
    Part 2- describe a comic actor popular inyour country
    1. Why do you think comic actor become popular?
    2. Do they earn much?
    3. Why do you think film actors become popular?
    4.do you think children imitate filmactors?
    5. Do you think its a good way imitating them?
    6. What other forms of entertainment are popular in your country?
    7. Do you think circus have play an important role in your country?
    8. Do you think children should always watch edcational clips? Why?

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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