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    Part 1 :
    1) Do you work or study?
    2) What did you do to get this job?
    3) Do you need to take some training for this job in future?
    4) Are there any teenagers in your circle.
    5) What teenagers do in your country.
    6) What you used to think when you were a teenager.
    7) What time people take their meals.
    8) Has there been any change in your eating habits?
    Part 2
    Describe a traditional product from your country.
    1) What is the product about
    2) Describe the product.
    2) When did you see the product for the first time?
    Part 3:
    All questions about traditional products.
    1) Describe another traditional product from your country (apart from Tea) I spoke about locally grown tea.
    2) What are the benefits of traditional products to locals?
    3) Do you think the government should help in the promotion of traditional products?
    4) Do you think because of globalization countries are adopting each other traditions.
    5) Why people buy traditional products because of their traditional value or because of they are handmade.

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