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    What’s your name?
    What do I call you?
    Tell me about your home town
    Do you like Jewelries?
    What kind of Jewelries do you like to wear?
    Why do people keep Jewelries for a long time?
    Tell me about a neighbour of yours
    Why so you think people should be nice to their neighbours?
    Task 2:
    Describe a personal goal which you have not been able to achieve.
    Do you think you can still achieve it? How will it benefit you?
    Follow up questions
    1. Do you think children should learn how to set goals for themselves?
    2. What role does a mentor play in a child’s life?
    3. Who do you think is responsible for providing the role of mentorship to children?
    4. How can people benefit their countries with their goals?
    5. Are you parents aware of your goals?

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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