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    •Your full name? •what should I call you? •can I see your ID pls? •can you pls tell me about your hometown? •what do you like about your city? •would you like to stay in the same city? •What do you carry to work? •what do you carry in the evening? •what is one thing you would never leave your house without? •have you ever forgotten anything? What was it and when? •how do you manage to remember what you need to carry with you ? Que card- •A quite place you often visit? •Where is this place? •When was the last time you visited this place? •What do you do when you visit this place? Follow up questions – •do you think silence is integral for the society? •what do you have to say about the commotion and noise in your city? •does administration / government has to play any role in reducing the noise? •Is complete silence feasible / desirable?

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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