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    Speaking Section 1:
    What is your name?
    Is there a meaning to your name?
    Do people in your country practice anything special when naming children?
    Asked about what I do? Work or Study?
    Asked what kind of work I do?
    Is it important to have set work hours?
    If people work more than the set hours does that mean they are productive?
    Do you know a teenager?
    What do teenagers do during leisure time in your country?

    Speaking Section 2:
    Topic: Talk about a rule which was enforced in school? Why do you think that rule was enforced? What happens if a student breaks the rule? Do you agree or disagree?

    Speaking Section 3:
    What are some rules that are enforced at the office?
    Do you think these rules should be in place to increase productivity?
    Why do offices mandate a dress code? Do you agree with it?
    Concentrating on families, has rules in the past changed over time?
    Name one such rule that is still applicable today.
    Why do you think adolescence tend to not obey such rules?

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