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    Where do you live?
    Will you like to move to another accommodation in the future?
    Did you save money as a child?
    Have you ever given money to a child before?
    Do you think it’s good for parents to teach thier children how to save?
    Cue card
    What is your favourite music?
    When was the first time you heard this music?
    What does this music mean to you?
    General questions
    When was the last time you heard this song?
    People say musicians are born. What’s your take on this
    What is the advantage of learning to play a musical instrument?
    Do you think music has a negative effect on people?
    Why do you think people listen to music all over the world?
    Do you think it’s good to include music on school curriculum?

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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