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    Sec1 :- 1- Do you work or you are student? 2- do you live in a house or an Apartment? 3- do you like your apartment 4 – if you have the chance to change your Apartment would you do that? and then he told me lets speak about the sunlight:- 5- do you like to live in a place which has alot of sunlight and why? 6- do people in you country like to have sunlight 7 does your country use the sunlight for any energy purpose? then he asked me who taught you politeness while you are young do politeness is important and why do people in your country are usually polite when interacting with each other do politeness changed from past to present Then the Cue card was about:- Speak about something you want to do but you are not able to do it so far. SES 3 :- was about setting aims in general and how it is important for young people to set goals and also for the government to set goals , how can setting goals impact the envoirnment .

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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