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    P1: General topics (Transportation- Bus or the others) + (Took bus before?)+ (What do you think about the bus in your area)+ (Reading habits: Do you read magazines and why?)+(Magazines or comics at the early age and why)+ (Men and women’s interest in magazines?)
    P2: Talk bout a conversation that you have with a stranger
    When and where was it? Why is it interesting? Who is he and how did you get to know him?
    Describe the conversation.
    P3: 1) Do you like to talk with strangers? Why?
    2) Do you think ppl should talk to the strangers? Why?
    3) Should you talk to someone you don’t know regarding your personal issues? Why?
    4) Which kind of strangers that you can talk your issues with? Why? Give 2 samples.
    5) Do you think talking face to face or through telephone is better? Why?

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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