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    Part I:
    1- Do you work or study?
    2- Did you acquired any training to achieve this position?
    3- Are you planning to have some more training in the future?
    Now we will talk about Rain:
    4- Do you enjoy when it rains?
    5- Does it rain regularly in your area? Is it considered to be good or bad when it happens?
    6- Have you ever been outside while it started raining?
    Part II:
    Cue Card Question:
    Talk about a thing you just bought and you are happy about?
    -> Explain why you bought it?
    -> Why you selected this product?
    -> From where you purchased it?
    -> And explain why are you so happy about it?
    Follow up question:
    Did you tell anyone after buying it?
    Part III:
    ->How much you travel on daily basis?
    -> What is the mode of transportation you usually use?
    -> What you do while you are travelling?
    -> What are your thoughts about the trend that people buy new things instead of repairing the old ones?
    -> What is the product which is consumed most in your country? Why?
    -> Is increasing consumerism a good trend?

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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