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    Part1: Do you work or study? What is the best part about your work? Do you think that you will continue to do same job in the future? Who taught you to be polite when you were young? How people in your country show politeness? In where do you think politeness is more important? What kind of jewelries do you usually wear? How often do you wear jewelry? Part2 Describe a website which you find helpful What is its name? What is it about? How easy is it to use it? Tell how the website hepls you? Part3 Do you think internet is useful for children for their education? Do you think children can learn from the internet more than schools? Do you agree that in the future there will be education only from internet? How does the internet affect social relationships? Why is internet popular in society? For which purposes do people use the internet in your country?

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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