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    what is your name?
    where are you from?
    what do you do?
    what is your subject?
    what is enjoyable about your major?
    what will you do in future due to your major?
    let’s talk about traveling.
    do you like traveling by bus?
    do you prefer to travel by bus or underground?
    do you think that you will use buses in future?
    do you read any comic magazine when you were younger?
    do you read an online magazine?
    why do you read an online magazine?
    cue card:
    talk about a happily married couple
    -who are they?
    -how long have they married
    -what makes them a happy couple
    do their friend think that they have a happy marriage?
    what are the wedding like in your country?
    why do older people like to have a fancy marriage party?
    do you think marriage party is different in different part of the country?
    do you think men and women have different roles in marriage?
    do you think parents have equal responsibility in training their children?(compare with past)

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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