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    Good evening, can you tell me your name , please?’
    what do you do? are you a Student or you work?
    Do you like your work?
    will you continue your work in future?
    do you like to travel by Buses?
    In future do you see yourself travelling more by buses?
    what would you prefer – a Bus or underground Metro?
    # Speak for 2 min –
    incident where you have been to a crowded place
    1 with whom you went theer? 2 . how you felt? and why did you go/
    #More questions on same-
    Where would people of your age want to go(Crowded place)?
    do you like crowded places?
    why do you think some people do not like crowded places?
    why would anyone be interested in standing in long queues?
    Do you write fruits?
    do you think people should eat fruits?
    did you like fruits as a child?
    do you think in urban life people are left with less time to think?
    do you think it is important for an individual to have time for themselves?
    are people able to derive time for themselves these days?

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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