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    Speaking part,
    What is your name.
    From where you belong?
    Do you live in apartment or house?
    where would you like to live in apartment or house?
    Do you like any popstar?
    What if You get chance to meet with your favorite popstar?
    what if someone offer you to become a popstar?
    what is your opinion about advertisement, does it influence people?
    have you bought anything because of the advertisement?
    advertisement of the building is good idea or not?
    Task2: describe an English lesson you have learned and enjoyed?
    what is it about?
    where you have learned?
    whats teacher opinion?
    A lot of Questions regarding task 2,
    why we should learn foreign language?
    what skills required in foreign language instructor?
    some think that certain people learn foreign language easily and quickly, why ?
    we need to pay more attention towards grammar while learning any foreign language?

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