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    Part 1:
    Whats your full name?
    With what name should I call you?
    What is the meaning of your name?
    Why kind of names people select in your area?
    Where do you live?
    What are you doing study or job?
    Did you get any training to get this job?
    Do you need to do any kind of further training or certification for your job?
    Part 2: CUE CARD:
    Describe a letter which you received, tell me
    – What kind of letter it was
    – Why it was important to you
    – What you feel when you received
    Part 3: Continuation of CUE Card:
    – Why do people don’t write letters?
    – Why do people still write letters?
    – Why do people still write letters in their own handwriting?
    – Why do people still like to receive letters written by hand?
    – What kind of information we can get from old letters?
    – What we can get from letters related to history or ancient culture?
    – What was the origin of information from ancient cultures?
    – Were only letters origin of information?

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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