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    1. Where is your home in your country?
    2. From how much time you are living there
    3. Interests in the city
    4. how it feels like to living there
    5. online news or newspaper
    6. world news or local news
    7. do you want to be journalist
    8. Why ? (journalist)
    Part 2 A moment when you helped anyone
    – whose the person
    – when you help
    – how you help
    How you feel after helping?
    1. Are the people helping each other now compared to past?
    2. what parents can do so their children help each other?
    3. international aids
    4. whats the benefit of international aid
    5. Impact of international aid the relationship between countries?
    6. how international aid can be funded through government or private sector?

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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