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    1. what do you study at University ?
    why do you choose that subject ?
    you always wanted to study this subject or not?
    why did you change your mind about it?
    how do you check time?
    what do you do when others are late and you have to wait for them ?
    are you nervous when you are running late?
    do you think that it was more important not to be late in the past ?
    Do you prefer spending your free time at home or outside?
    how much time do you usually spend at home?
    what do you usually do at home?
    2. Describe an important decision someone made
    who made this decision?
    when was this decision made?
    why was this decision important?
    3. At what age do you think people should start making decisions?
    can you trust a decision which is made by a child?
    what are some of the most important decisions which people have to make?
    what skills people need to meke decisions at work?
    do you think schools should have somebody who will help final-year students in choosing their career? ( I answered yes , a careers advicer should help them. )
    Do you have a careers advicer in Georgian schools?

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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