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    Do u work or study
    Did u have friends at school
    Do u have friends at work place
    Did u enjoy music when you were young
    Do u think ur preference of music will change in future
    There are lot of advertise ments on TV what do u think
    Do u buy things after seeing adverts
    Are celebrities are important to show adverts
    A time when u have to be polite
    Where u were
    Why u have to polite
    How did u felt after this
    1 more , do u think it is important to polite always
    In your culture , how people show their politeness
    What is the difference between being polite and being friendly
    Is it true one can polite with others but not friendly with them
    Is it important to polite with family and strangers
    Do children behave politely and rudly like others do ( like this not exact)

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