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    Part 1: What is your full name? where do you live? Do you work or study? Do you celebrate your birthday? What do you do on your birthdays? what did you do as a child on your birthdays? Is there a difference between young people and old people celebrating their birthdays? Is 19 year old more interested in birthdays or 60 yr old? Section 2: Talk about a product you received for free as a gift on purchase of an item? How did you feel about the same? Section 3: Have you ever received free gifts on purchases? Why do you think the value of gift is different when you purchase something and you receive something for free? Do you think people value stuff if purchased more than if received as a gift? What kind of public services should the Government offer for free? Is public transport important? Is free public education needed? What other public services is needed in your country?

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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