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    Part 1:
    General introduction
    Where do I live now?
    Provide more details about the place you live?
    Do you prefer to live in this place in future?
    Do you own any special kind of shoes and why?
    Do you think that some people have many varieties of shoes and why?
    Do you believe, it is better to have one close friend or many friends?
    How often you call your friends?
    Part 2: (I don’t remember the exact sentences, but given here the main points)
    Describe a foreign food, you had recently.
    a. what was the type of food
    b. when and where you had it
    c. what was it made of
    Detail if you had likes or dislike about the food
    Part 3:
    Do you get international food in the place you live?
    What makes you think, about the food you had since the time you were brought up with?
    Do you think the younger children are more fond of foreign food?
    Do you think the trend will change?
    Why are the international food are relatively costlier?
    Is it cheaper for the government to produce their own food?

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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