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    What is your full name?
    What can I call you?
    Where are you from ?
    Do you live in house or apartment?
    What do you like about it?
    How do you celebrate your birthday?
    How did you celebrate your birthday as a child?
    Do you still celebrate it in the sane way?
    What birthdays are considered important in your country like 18th, 25th or 60th?

    Who is your favourite pop star? Did you ever meet any pop star?

    Would you like to be a pop star?

    Tell me about a city you visited recently.
    What did you do there?
    When did you go there?

    Do you think the most interesting cities in world are carefully planned?
    What makes a city better place to live in?
    What are the benefits of living in the cities?
    Are there any drawbacks in city life?
    If yes, then why more and more people are moving to cities?
    Do you think geographical location of a city does have any effect on city development?
    How is the development affecting environment?

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