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    Part one
    Where do you live?
    What do like most about living there?
    How long have you lived there?
    Do you eat breakfast? At what time do you eat it?
    What of other meals ?
    Who do you like eating meals with?
    Do prefer cooking your meals or eating out?
    Do usually eat out?
    Who was your favourite teacher?
    What do you like about the person?
    Do you remember your first day at secondary school?
    Do you still get in touch with your former classmates?
    Part two
    Where there rules in your secondary school you agreed or disagreed with?
    Why do you think the rules were made?
    Was there punishment for disobeying the rule?
    Part three
    Do you think there should be workplace rules?
    Must work hours be mandatory?
    What you you think about strict workplace dressing?
    Should there be rules at home?
    Are there changes in the home rules our parents had and what we have now?
    Don’t you think teenagers should be given free hand instead of strict rules at home?

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