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    Part one: (as I remember )
    Job or study ?
    What makes you job special?
    What the most thing you love in your job?
    Would will you continue in the same field?
    Do you like jewelry and what kind you prefer?
    Did you once a jewelry and why ?
    Why old people love jewelry more?
    Do you have a loved popstar?
    Did you meet him?
    Did you attend a real concert for any popstar and why not?
    would you love to be a popstar and why ?

    My husband’s part 1
    Work or study?
    Home or department?
    Shining or cloudy weather?
    How Indian people do in shining days?
    Did you buy something based on advertisement ?
    Do you like funny or serious ads and why?
    Does some ads you consider it annoying ?
    Part two :
    Special cake in occasions that you liked , and some details about that topic

    Invention that changes people live , and details about this
    Part three :
    Can you make cake ?
    what is the special occasions in your country you make special food?
    Why people do special food in occasions?
    Why some people spend much money in food in this type of occasions ?
    Why old people spend much time in cooking ?
    Why oldest food are better than now?
    How much time do you spend on cooking a week and what is kind of food you’re good in ?

    It was all about technology and Internet
    What kind of technology used in schools?
    How can you get benefit from technology?
    Does the technology could replace the teacher?

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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