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    Part 1:
    – Where do you live at the moment? Is it an interesting neighborhood? How far is it from here?
    – What kind of sport do you enjoy? What was some outdoor/sport event you had attended? Do you enjoy outdoor activities?
    Part 2: Topic card: Describe a person you know who is very popular. You should say, who the person is, how do you meet the person, what are the person’s characteristics and why is it an interesting person?
    Extra question: do you want to become a popular person?
    Part 3: Celebrity & leadership:
    – What make celebrities famous? [then i went on about how talent & appearance can make them famous, also added that in my countries some people became famous overnight just because they did some stupid things & thanks to social media that spread the trend, which led to the following questions]
    – But these people without talent they’ll only stay famous for a very short time dont you think?
    – Are celebrities good examples for young people?
    – Why do you think some people want to become leader while others want to follow?

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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