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    Do you like sunshine?
    what are the benefits of taking sunshine?
    what are you do in sunny days?
    Do you like history?
    Could you tell me the name of the history place that you visited?
    Do you like historical film?
    Which historical movie did you watch in your childhood?
    What are the benefits of history?
    Would you like history in future?
    Part 2
    cue card
    An occasion when you saw a lot of people smiling
    Which people often smile men or women?(i said, nowadays there are no gender difference)
    then she asked but still tell me who is more conscious about smile?
    why women are more conscious about their smile?
    apart from photographs why women like to smile
    who can control more feelings youngster or older people?
    why older people?
    Do you think we should show our emotions
    do you think talkative people are more trustfull
    still 2 or 3 questions about emotions

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