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    1. Where you from?
    2. What you do here, Work or Study?
    3. What kind of occupation do you work as?
    (Based on 1 to 3)
    4. What hours of the day do you work?
    5. Why do you work in the night?
    6. Which country you work remotely and how you been there?
    (Random Qs continue)
    7. Do you like the country where you worked or where you lived?
    8. Do you like doing exercises?
    9. Is it good for a person to be fit and healthy?
    (Based on 8 and 9)
    10. Would you like to be fit and healthy in future?
    11. Were you given any kind of exercises lessons during your childhood?
    12. What kind of exercises do you prefer most?
    13. Do you think more people should get into exercising and be healthy or fit?
    14. In your country, are people fit or doing exercises?
    (Based on No.14)
    15. Was that scenario same during your parents time as well?
    Topic – Are you Polite?
    With whom.
    Where you were last being polite at.
    Any influences to be polite.
    What did you learn after being polite.
    (Questions based on above topic)
    16. Is it tough to be polite or is natural?
    17. Are you generally a polite person or you have to be?
    18. Being polite, how is it so necessary today?
    19. In your country, are people polite?
    20. Why do you think people from other countries may or may not be polite to locals?
    21. Do you suggest that cross culture affects politeness?
    22. As a visitor, how polite a person has to be?
    23. Draw a difference between being polite at home and at outside?
    (Based on 21 to 23)
    24. Do you think people tend to be polite only need basis?
    25. As you said before, why you prefer not to be polite at home or is okay sometimes?
    26. Do you think its need that drives your polity?

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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