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    Part 1
    It included very basic questions like what my name is, where I reside, what I like about my residence, my favourite room etc. I answered all of these fairly well without any hesitation or pauses.
    Part 2 (Cue Card)
    The topic which I had to speak about was how I felt after someone appreciated/ acknowledged my efforts in something I have achieved. This particular topic threw me off guard because I wasn’t expecting this. Also, on the piece of paper which was given to gather my thoughts I wrote about getting accepted in a university in the UK and various other points related to the same. But I spoke about something completly different from what I had wrote on the piece of paper. Since there was a difference of what was written down and what I actually spoke, will that affect my score? Because I was getting a bit worried regarding that? I spoke fluently and at length for the 2 min duration regarding the topic. I paused twice for a few seconds and corrected myself once.
    Part 3
    This part were various questions regarding my opinions on whether its beneficial for parents to encourage their children at a young age. For these questions I referred back to my answers from part 2 and cited examples of myself when I was a child as well as other people i know for the various questions asked.
    Im just very worried about the fact that I had written down something different from what I had actually spoken about in part 2. Will that affect my score?

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