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    Part 1.
    1. Introduction
    2. Do you work or study ?
    3. Do you like making friends at work ?
    4. Do you like listening to music while you are studying/ working ?
    5. Do you like buying or downloading the music online ?
    6. Do you think you listen you more music when you were young ?
    Part 2
    1. Describe a special event which you celebrated ?
    You should say :
    * Why the Event was special ?
    * What was the Event about and with whom you have celebrated it with ?
    * What do you like from the Event ?
    Part 3
    1. Tel me about a National event in your county and how you celebrate it ?
    2. Why do you think it is an important event to celebrate ?
    3. Don’t you think that the government is wasting money on such event as they can rather spend it on some education and health?
    4. Tell me about an international invent happened in your country ?
    5. What benefits it has given to the country ?
    6. Why don’t you think that the technology can be a good platform to attend an international event rather be present there.

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