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    Q1) What is your full name?
    Q2) Do you work or study?
    Q3) Where do you work?
    Q4) What you do at your work?
    Q5) What do you think, why people read newspaper?
    Q6) Do you read newspaper?
    Q7) Did you get this habit from any person or family member?
    Q8) Which page or news you read first, when start reading?
    Q9) Do you read newspaper online or paper based? which you feel more comfortable in reading and why?
    Q10) What do you think about gifts? is it necessary to give present/gift on special occasions only?
    Q11) When did you receive a gift last time?
    Q12) Do you enjoy selecting gifts for others?
    Cue Card: Tell me about an important event in you life and how you celebrate it.
    Q1) What do you think, to whom you have to include in the special events you celebrate?
    Q2) What are the factor that make an event successful?
    Q3) What will be the suitable timings for an event?
    Q4) What are the special events you celebrate in your home country?
    Q5) Why do you think we have to celebrate National day?
    Q6) What is the importance of celebrating National day?
    Q7) Do you think that spending more money on an event will make it successful?

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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