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    Part 1 : what is your name, do u live in house/apartment Describe about your house Do u like living there? What things do you want to have in ur house in the future? Do u have any fav popstar? Do u ever meet a popstar? Do u want to b a popstar in the future? Cue card : Describe about an invention that change people live -what is that -how is change our live? -it is more important for elderly or younger people (One more question but im sorry ,i cant remmber that) Part 3 : What an important invention that people mostly use for household equipment? Do u think new invention like washing machine make people lazy? what other invention in house that make people lazy?? is this bring more advantages? What kind of new invention that people might want to hve in their house in the future?? What the reason that make inventor make new invention?

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