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    Part 1: Talk about your hometown. Far from here? How long have you been living there? Why do you like it? Music. What kind of music do you hear while you are studying or working and why? Is the same kind that I used to listen when I was younger? Do you think the kind of music that you like will change in the future? Tell me about your favorite wild animal. Why do you like it. What do you think about zoos. Do you think children should see animals? why? and why it is important for them to see animals. Have you ever had a pet? why do you like it.
    Part 2, CUE CARD : Talk about something you have learned NOT in school nor college
    What is it?
    How you learned it?
    Why is is important? How?
    Part 3
    About LEARNING THINGS. Do you think that we are always learning things? Why?
    Is it important for older people to lear new things? Why? Which things? What can you do or how can make older people to learn things? It is important for them to learn how to cook or parenting? why? Is ts important to teach older people parenting? Why? Do you thing we learn more now than in ancient times? Why? Do you think that the things we learn are better now than in previous time? Why and how? How do you learn things? Learning is the most important skill a human being can have? Why?

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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