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    Part 1
    Question on sleep hours
    Do you excercise daily ?
    Compare the difference in excercising in childhood and present ?
    Do people in your country excercise daily? Why?
    Is it important for elderly people to sleep more hours than adults? Why?
    Where you live? What benefits you have living there?
    Is your house close to the University?
    Part 2
    Famous person
    What he do?
    Why famous?
    Why you like?
    Part 3 discussion on famous personality and why they famous
    Which kind of people are famous in your country? Why?
    Why there are so many fans and followers?
    Why there are many fans and not many leaders ?people like to follow others , why?
    Some famous personality remains famous for long time, why?
    Some celebrities are famous for some time period , why ?
    Part 3 was tough for me as very critical and deeper questions
    Do you want to become famous personality and why
    What factors or things make the celebrities famous.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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