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    1. Introduction
    After telling my name and place, the examiner asked me what I currently do studying/working. When I replied that I am pursuing my PhD in Coastal Engineering I was asked a few questions related to that.
    Part 2 Email Vs. Letter
    a. Do you prefer to send email/letter? why?
    b. How do people in my country send a letter?
    c. Do you prefer to email/make a call?
    Part 3 – Being polite
    a. Who taught you to be polite when you were a child?
    b. How do you express politeness in your culture?
    c. Whom do you think being polite is more important?
    d. Do you think there is a difference in the younger generation compared to the older generation in the idea of being polite?
    Part 4- Free gift
    Talk 2-3 min about a) a Free gift that you got b) what was it c) why did you get it d) How you felt about it.

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