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    Tell somthing about your city.
    What do u like about ur city?
    What do your do in your leisure time..( how u spnd it with friends and fmly)
    How cmptrs has changed?(frm past to present)
    did u use internet frm childhood?
    wht will be cmputrrs be like in futre?
    1 more ques tht i dnt remember
    PART 2
    garden or park u visited
    -how it luks like?
    -where is it.?
    -how freqntly u visit it?
    -how u feel going there.?
    PART 3
    Questions about environment!
    natural environment(hilly areas) or atificl environment(public parks).. which one u prefer.!
    wht shd we do u preserve the natre ?
    whre do ppl of ur country prefer to visit more in hilly areas or parks or other natural places(of tourism)
    How ds tourism effct in negetive way.! to tourist places.?

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