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    1. what is your fullname?
    2. where are you from?
    3. what is interesting about the place you live in?
    4. do you enjoy living there?
    5. will you change your place of living in future?
    then he questioned me about mirrors:-
    1. do u like mirrors?
    2. do u often bought mirrors? ( i didnot understood his this question for the very first tym so my face expression for not being understood were sensed by him so he himself repeated the question. actually it was his own grammar mistake in the question which he did not even corrected for the second time too… he said bought with do!! will i have any penalty for question repeat ?? plz tell me .
    3. do you try dresses first before buying them?
    then he gave me cue card. it was:-
    describe an important historical event.
    * what is was?
    * where and when it happened ?
    * who took part in this event?
    * what is the importance of this event?
    after my cue card, he asked me do you like history? nd i said no elaborating my answer.
    then he talked about schools. questions were:-
    1. which thing do you find interesting in your school?
    2. which subjects you don’t like nd u thought they must not be there in school?
    then again asked me 3. do you find history an interesting subject?
    then he asked me questions about musuems.
    1. are musuems an important source of information for history ?
    2. are there any charges to visit museums ?
    3. what is the importance of musuems for children?
    4. what is the importance of historical buildings for youngsters?
    after that he asked me,
    * which things of present times will be in musuem in the future?

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