Simran Nayak

According to some scientists everyone will be speaking the same language in the future. If this prediction does come true, according to my opinion, it will have both positive and negative ramifications.

To embark with , a universal language will benefit both people and businesses in numerous ways. It will make communication easier. Even businesses can market their products all over the world. Humankind can also travel to any part of the world without having to worry about getting lost as of the language barrier. This, in turn , will benefit industries such as travel and hospitality. Needless to say, a universal language will benefit almost all economies around the world. It may even foster respect and understanding among people of different ethnicities.

On the flip side, the prospect of having just one language for all does not bode well for the preservation of cultural identities. Culture is intrinsically linked to language. Since , if people adopt a global language and stop using their mother tongue it will not take long for their culture to die. The death of local languages will also make the folklore and literature in that language unavailable to future generations. Infact , this will be a huge loss to humanity. Another possible consequence will be the loss of employment for people working as translators and interpreters. In a world where everyone speaks the same language, they will be rendered jobless.

To sum up , a universal language can be beneficial for businesses and people because it facilitates hassle free communication. However, it may lead to the demise of cultures and diversity.

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