Many people strive hard to be successful in business. Some rise, while some others fail. A business that reaps more profit is said to be successful. Personally, I feel that money is not the only factor to be taken into consideration to assess the success of an enterprise.

To begin with, making money is the prime motive of all the entrepreneurs. Every individual wants to gain profit from the investments he made. Moreover, a successful business would pull in other investors into that business which, in turn, would help in the expansion and growth of the business. Therefore, money is an important factor that indicates the success of a business.

There are other important aspects that determine the success of a business. The first one is employee satisfaction. A business may earn huge amounts of money but if the employee is unhappy, it is not worthy. Eventually, it may lead to the company's failure. The second one is earning name and fame. There are many businessmen in the society who have earned a lot of respect in the society irrespective of their business turnovers. This is because of the credibility they have earned from their customers. Last but not least, customer satisfaction is also important for a successful business.

To conclude, even though profits are an important indicator of business success, I believe that the satisfaction the employee gets and the fame the company earns is equally important to the money. Moreover, the company that earns the loyalty of its employees stays profitable and stable in the long run.

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