When children are growing up, it is a test for both children and their parents. Sometime parents become too much ambitious, and as result they force their children, Sometime they don't give proper attention to the children. In this essay,i will discuss why parents force their children and what's parents responsibility towards their children's education.

To begin with, parents wants better results of the children. This is because they want their childrens to be successful in their school, and furthermore in their life. For instance , if child is lacking in the studies, if parent force him/her to do hard work then child might get desirable outcome. If parent won't pressure the child to perform well then child might not reach his/her true potential in perteculer task, or in the school. If parents pressure their children , then they feel more oblige to do the work.

Parents play very crucial role in children development. Parents are the first teachers of the children. Parents should support their children, and encourage them when sometime children not perform well in school, and even in regular day to day life. Parents should educate children for real life circumstances. For example if child does hard work in school exam, and does not get desirable result,some times child might get depressed. If parent would have taught child that beside giving 100%,
sometime you not get what you want, and doing so child might not get depressed,and learn to tackle tough situations.

After agglomerating above all ellucideted points , it can be reciprocated that parents should be strict sometime and sometime be generous and encourage children.

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