Ziyoda Abdurasulova

According to some people's opinion some people should be made to work in unpaid work for their community rather than spending thei valuable time in prisons. This essay agrees with that suggestion totally because of the benefits it can bring both to the society and themselves and then what criminals will obtain from their labor which is done in captivity.

From my point of view the money which is spent for their food will be paid or returned by their free work.I believe that this idea will help the government not to damage its economy.for example, if they work in the streets, clean the roads and do any kind of hard work in building ….

Besides hard work will make them appreciate the freedom and the work done by other people.And also doing such kind of activity they will feel themselves mandatary person in society.For instance, one of my neighbours who was in prison for robbery, while he was there he had been working for the building company.He learnt a lot about building and he could continue his work after imprisment.

To sum up, I think doing unpaid job prisoners can also be useful for their network.It will also be benificial for their life experience.

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