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     Pramod K 

    Speaking – Your name, Where do you Live?, Are you currently working or self-employed, Do you feel you are happy about what you currently do?

    Cue Card – Did you help anyone in decision making recently? If so, How has that helped a person

    3rd part – General questions about work and does knowledge comes by age?

    Listening & Reading was good

    Writing – Task 1 – Write a letter to your friend seeking recipe of his/her country for your party
    a) Tell them the reason for your party
    b) Ask the recipe
    c) Invite them to your party

    Task 2 – Many people feel that most of the important things in life is free and cannot be bought.
    Do you agree or disagree?

     Arun PS 

    Dear Pramod, I took the same exam too. I have a doubt on listening , do you remember what was the answer for the question on “Course duration” in listening module? I missed the word and still not sure what was said in the audio.

    Many thanks in advance!!


     Pramod K 

    Hi Arun,
    I can’t recollect the answer, I believe I have made one mistake for sure in Listening, that was either of 38th or 39th question in last section.


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