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    general training
    exam center – CANADA . Windsor
    date – 09/08/2018 – 2pm
    task -1
    you live in apartment or house ?
    which room you like most ? why ?
    will u change housing in future ?
    do you like rain ?
    is rain change in recent years in your country ?
    is it usually hot in the place you live ?
    which whether u like it most ?
    task -2
    last time u did shopping in market –
    – when did u shop last
    – what things can be purchased there ?
    – what did u buy ?
    task – 3
    do u like shopping ?
    why girls shop more than boys ?
    is it all stuff in sales worth for money ?
    why people buy things which they don’t need ?
    writing –
    task -1
    you missed friends invite
    – say sorry for not coming
    – explain how you contacted to inform
    – propose a alternate plan
    task -2
    some people think, money is best gift to give to youngs, others did-agree. discuss both views and give opinion

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