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    HI .
    i gave my exam on 29/7/17.
    venue: Visakhapatnam, INDIA
    module: General
    about work?
    tasks at work?
    do u feel hard ?
    about friends:
    do u prefer one best friend or many friends?
    what do u do with ur friends?
    how much time do u spend with them?
    about dreams:
    do u remember ur dreams?
    do u listen to others dream?why?
    do u have any interest to study about dreams?
    cue card:
    Describe a time for when u waited for someone.
    section 3:
    about patience and waiting:
    tell some situations when people wait for something?
    why some people cannot wait?
    is patience important?
    why young people are not patient?
    do we teach patience to children?
    Informal letter in respond to an advertisement about volunteer for a sports event
    task 2:
    parents are unhappy with the violence entertainment in Tv, computers and other entertainment activities.
    discuss about its effect and solutions.

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