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    IELTS GT Test Date : 1st September 2019 (Computer Based test)

    Reading Test
    Part 1 : True and False , Match the Heading
    Part 2 : Answer in two Words (Paragraph about Rental Car Service)
    Part 3 : Answer in One word ( Paragraph about A park)
    Part 4 : True and False , Answer in one Word (Paragraph about World Memory Championship)

    Listening :
    Was relative easy. (Talk about a sport club , Theft , Map labelling (Wildlife park)

    Writing Test
    Writing Task 1: Write a letter to your friend, who is visiting a city that you are familiar with 1. Describe to him the place worth visiting 2. Eating options 3. Transport optionsTask 2: people are using a lot of online language translation apps. Are the advantages more than disadvantages of such services

    Cue Card on – Visit to a park Other questions : Social Networking , Growing fresh vegetables , Whether and climate

    was more confident about speaking always. But the examiner spoke to me for approx 20 min. She had an holy aura and had something unique the way she spoke to me. I felt like talking to my mother who was trying to talk to me and find out more from me. I really enjoyed talking to her as i felt she was extremely keen to hear me. Regardless of the result , it was an experience.I hope i score well!!

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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