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    I am Manisha
    I’ve finished IELTS LRW test on 8/9/18
    part 1
    phone conversation between a lady and sports club official .
    part 2
    Tourist guide explaining a place to the tourist and interesting shop for purchasing things
    part 3
    A student talking about his studies on bilingualism and children
    part 4
    About supplementary food to boar and deer
    only 2 questions were about deer other were for boar.
    Part 1
    Carnivorous plants and its mechanism
    Part 2
    I dont remember but it was something about thinking capacity of western and estern people and some scientist research related to this
    Part 3
    Architecture design learning in School
    and was too long
    TA 1
    Graph showing internet usage at 4 different places namely house,workplace,college and library between 1998 to 2004
    TA 2
    The international community shoud work actively to reduce the use of fossil fuels by different countries.
    to wr extent do you agree or disagree?

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