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    I had my speaking test today: 3rd dec in Vadodara, India.
    Speaking Part1:
    few basic questions,
    what sort of work i do?
    what training i got for my work?
    would you like to continue same work?(if no, thn why not)
    why i want to work as urban planner?
    how much time it takes to reach your work?
    what do you think while driving?
    what vehicle u use?
    was it difficult to reach upto here?
    do you read news paper or u read news online?
    what sort of news u read?
    do you discuss it with your friends?
    Speaking part 2: cue card.
    experience of teaching your friend or family member?
    Speaking Part3:
    in what aspects young generation can teach old generation?
    examples about above question.
    university education is must or not?
    do we require quality education in our universities? for what?
    some are there who achieved much more success without going to universities? elaborate.
    give examples.
    And my L/R/W test was yesterday.

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