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    hey everyone
    today was my speaking test Vadodara, Gujarat. India
    General Training
    and questions were,
    Part 1
    I’d card
    Do u live in house or apartment?
    Which room is favorite for u? Why?
    Would you like to buy house in future?
    What type of map u are using?
    What type of map people r using now a days? Paper map or electronic map? Why?
    Have u used paper map before?
    Do you like to plane in advance? why?
    Part 2
    Cue card
    Describe a competition ( music, cooking) u would like to participate?
    What competition?
    Where and when you participate?
    What preparation you would do for competition.?
    Why people like to participate in competition.?
    Which game they take most participate?
    Which people more participate in competition.? Younger or older?
    Part 3
    Question regarding work and competition..
    Why is the competition in work place?
    In which profession u see competition.?
    Do people learnt from competition.?what?
    my L/R/W is on 12th may, so will post other questions once i finish my test
    thank you..

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