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    I had my speaking test today, I’d like to share the questions:
    Exam: 8th Feb
    Module: General
    Location: Vadodara, Gujarat
    Part 1:
    Full Name?
    What i can call you?
    Do you Work or Study?
    What work you do?
    Do you like to spend holiday?
    (here i gave recent example about ‘Mauritius’ and how i felt – so is this correct)
    Where do most of the people spend holiday?
    Part 2:
    Describe a special day out which cost you less
    When ?
    Where ?
    With Whom ?
    Explain what you felt special about it?
    Part 3:
    Do you feel people should go for outing often ?
    Should people spend more time at home or going out ?
    Whats the impact of staying at home and spending time after digital technology? will this effect in future ?
    what do you feel, siting at home is good and involve oneself in digital technologies ?
    (i goofed up in this little … but hope for the best)

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