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    I took exam so now I will share my exam questions
    Module- Academic
    Country- UZBEKISTAN
    THE DATE 18 january 2018
    1 part
    where do u live?
    do you like the place where you live?
    describe what you have near by?
    2 part
    describe lnowledge that you got not from school/college
    3 part (was hard)
    Do you think that it is important to know something new?
    In which way the science have changed in last decades?
    Do you think that it important to childen to play games with their parents/why?
    What must parents teach their children?
    P.S. the most part of the questions he asked by himself without looking at his papershit with ready questions that really was strange/do you thunk it is okay? And when i have finished speeking test the examiner lifted up his THUMB . i hope thats okay?
    AND PLEASE EVER WHO SEE THIS MESSAGE SHARE YOUR TOPICS FROM EXAM _writing part_ that is really iportant to me now to prepare well.

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